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Strangers’ Gate Coven (SGC) was established in 2001 and

is jointly led by Elders Ruthann, Athena, and Nanci. 

Blessed Beltane! Many Pagans and Wiccans dance the maypole for this May 1st holiday, representing the union of the Goddess (the fertile Earth that embraces the pole) and the God (the phallic pole and sperm-like ribbons). Folks find ribbons that are the color(s) related to what they’d like to manifest in their lives — e.g. red for passion, green for money and growth, pink for good health, blue for calmness, etc. — and weave those intentions to connect them to the deities and make the magic happen.

Floralia is also celebrated at this time of the year, honoring the colorful bounty of verdant Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. Floral garlands can be crafted to wear or decorate your altar.

May 1st is also World Labyrinth Day, and there will be several virtual and real-world labyrinth walks around the globe. Athena of SGC will facilitating some festivities during this marvelous event — get the details at https://www.worldlabyrinthday.org/

Full Moon Blessings!

Tonight (Monday, April 26, 2021) at 11:31 EST there will be a Full Pink Super Moon in Scorpio.

Consider doing some transformational Work, and/or charge your magical tools/stones/water in the wonderful moonlight.

(This image is from the Museum of the Moon exhibit of 2018 with artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram, compiling photos of the moon)

Check back often for information on our future workshops, classes, and public rituals. Blessed Be!

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