Mission Statement

Strangers’ Gate Coven (SGC) was established in 2001 and is jointly led by Elders Ruthann, Athena, and Nanci. We are urban Pagans/Wiccans who joyfully connect with the ancient energies of our spiritual Ancestors and the Earth’s elemental essences while living in cities and using modern technologies. We meet in person to celebrate the eight Sabbats and most Esbats. We have taken to invoking the Power of Three in many of our rituals by calling upon the Divine Androgyne as well as a God and Goddess. 

SGC meets outdoors whenever possible to better connect with Nature’s sacred energy. We focus primarily on the Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman pantheons throughout the year but will be exploring others as our Tradition evolves, and sometimes elect to connect with more general universal forces. Healing, honoring particular deities or occasions, divination, meditation/journey work, and the arts — particularly music and crafting — are integral to our worship and practices.

We also socialize outside of the coven exploring museums; attending lectures; creating and/or participating in labyrinth walks; engaging in environmental and social justice activism; participating in Pagan Pride events, and more.

We enjoy sharing and expanding upon the knowledge we’ve attained through decades of study and co-teaching, and love co-facilitating open rituals for the NY area Pagan/Wiccan community. We look forward to welcoming new seekers in the future.

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